Monday, January 27, 2014

Thrifted and gifted - How to decorate with thrift store art

Thrift store art can be really awesome or really bad or sometimes both.

Recently I found the above unframed canvas of the ocean. I was afraid I had succumbed to the "thrift store effect" where a moderately OK looking item can shine beyond its real attributes simply because it is stationed next to a pile of junk.

When you get the home and see it next to your own stuff, it sometimes looks so bad you wonder what possessed you.

Fortunately, that was not the case with this painting.  It came home and fit right in.

Below are some inspiration images for using thrift store art in a modern non-gross way and a few DIYs that incorporate second-hand artwork.

The key seems to be repetition. Even kitchy mountain paintings can look good in groups on a clean white wall.

Here are some DIYs using thrifted art. Below, an Anthropologie-inspired fine art iPad case from Say Yes to Hoboken.

Paint by number pillow from A Beautiful Mess.

And my thrifted art, as seen in my place.  I propped it on the floor to hid my ugly electrical cords.

Have you picked up a great piece of thrifted art?


  1. Great post, there is a local (Edmonton based) blogger that challenged himself to buy a new piece of original art work each week from thrift stores with only $10 or less then he researched the Artist, cool and romantic idea huh! I love your Art piece absolutely dreamy

    1. Yes, great idea. Maybe he'll come across a Picasso.

  2. This is such a great idea--although, I confess, I tend to buy thrift store "art" for the frames--and then pitch the art. I should try a little harder to find good stuff. :) P.S. I LOVE your post below about storage bins!!! These are the best ideas for small space living! I'm going to pin a few of them for the future. -SF

    1. Oh yeah, I totally toss the art most of the time. Thanks on the storage bins. I have some to try, too. Just haven't done it yet.