Friday, January 10, 2014

Decor inspiration from the neighborhood

Hard to believe such fabulousness once dwelt so near me.

Another home by Athena Calderone, this one at One Brooklyn Bridge, which locals may recall as the erstwhile 360 Furman Street.

I at one time gazed out on this view when I had a part-time job here folding laundry.

Ms. Calderone transformed the industrial loft space with a mix of neutral paint, antique and modern furniture and wood floors.

She has since moved on to other neighborhoods due to the lack of organic grocery stores in walking distance.

So real yet surreal.


  1. That is a cool space! I love seeing people who combine modern stuff with antiques - it makes everything feel so much more warm and personal. And what an interesting job! Folding laundry is like my least favorite thing!!

    1. I love her style. Modern but with unique antique elements. Of course, it helps to have 10 foot windows.

  2. Is that a moon mirror? I kind of love it. Probably way out of my price range, but supercool nonetheless.