Thursday, September 26, 2013

Real New York street style and an anniversary

Here's a little real life New York street style. No fashion week. No SoHo neighborhoods. Just regular people looking sharp. For our 19th Anniversary we took a day off to just walk around Manhattan. Always good cheap entertainment.
Love the statement necklace above.

The African print above incorporates dollar signs and euro signs.

Ecumenical tattoos.

Little kids are pretty good at mixing prints. On the right, these girls were mock ballet dancing to the opera music being piped outside of Lincoln Center. They managed to make tennis shoes, knee socks and plaid work really well.

And then there are your random celebrity encounters. We met Mayor Bloomberg on the East River ferry. Apparently he appreciates a $4 boat ride as much as we do.


  1. In the 'burbs where I live yoga pants and tennis skirts are the street style. Your streets are much more vibrant and inspirational. Best wishes for many more happy anniversaries.

    1. Thank you. In the burbs I grew up in, yoga pants would have been a big step up from sweat pants and t-shirts.

  2. This post is amazing. 19 years together! Glittery loafers! Michael Bloomberg! What's not to love?

    Seriously, though, congratulations on your anniversary. To many more.

  3. Great stuff! It's so refreshing to see some real street style. And congrats on your anniversary - 19 is a big number!

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