Friday, August 2, 2013

My DIY rhinestone collar necklace

If you're not prepared to drop $70 on Kenneth Lane or $600 on Lizzie Fortunato, rejoice that crazy fringe/ spike necklaces are within your reach for $1. Yup. One. Dollar.

As you may have guessed from the price point, here is yet more jewelry you can make from Dollar Tree poly rope. (In addition to raffia charm bracelets and color block bangles.) Make fringe necklaces in any shape or size by dismantling poly rope into individual strands and tying to chain or more rope.

For another buck you can add rhinestone trim.

Go artsy and long.

Or short and conservative.

Using poly rope is a cheap way to prototype necklace shapes.

Get all the details at Dollar Store Crafts.


  1. so easy!!

  2. this is very, very cool! such a great idea to deconstruct the rope.

  3. these all look aweseome! I like the rhinestone one best, truth to be told :)

  4. cool! the blue one with the rhinestones is my favorite ! can't go wrong with the dollar tree ! xox, d.

    1. Thanks. I have to admit I think it's a little too big/weird even for me. Fortunately that can be fixed with scissors.

  5. The rhinestone trim is such a nice touch! Beautiful. :)

  6. These are too gorgeous! love them! I am in love with this rhinestones collar necklace! So beautiful!