Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring cleaning - getting real with your closet

Have you started spring cleaning yet? Here are some tips and inspiration to get you started or keep you going.

First I'd advise a spring cleaning mantra. My friend Katie's mantra for 2013 was "space not stuff." Mine has been "get real."

'Get real' means to sit down and make a list of what you really never wear.

I did this and came up with the following:
  • wrap skirts
  • short fat furs
Since I don't own any this was not helping.

So I tried a list of "things I tend not to wear."

I tend not to wear:
  • red, pink, lavender or purple
  • pants
  • non-neutral shoes
  • jackets

I'm not sure how far this will get me in eliminating half my closet.

How about you? Are there broad categories you know you really don't wear?

Closets via The Coveteur and Domaine.


  1. Its definately time I get real with my closet! These are dreamy:)

    1. Yeah, these closets aren't exactly "real" but are really cool.

  2. Switching closets from cold to warm wear and back again has always been a long, time consuming, tedious chore for me. Tried something different this year, about 30 days ago I cleared a 24" section of hanging space and designated it as the "return to" location for anything I **actually** wore. That exercise taught me there's tons of things in my closet that shouldn't be there {now can I actually part with them?}. I think my closet organizing mantra became "what was I thinking!".

    1. Too funny on the mantra. But great idea on the "actually worn" zone. I finally gave up on the whole season change thing and now keep all seasons in one closet.

  3. I'm saying goodbye to a few items I don't feel especially good in, including a top I love but the colors do nothing for me, and pants which have pockets in the worst possible place to do unfortunate things for my hips!