Wednesday, May 1, 2013

DIY decor inspiration from Brooklyn

You don't need soaring ceilings and a Manhattan view to incorporate some doable decor inspired by Athena Calderone's Brooklyn apartment.

But it sure helps.

Calderone, an interior designer, is practically a neighbor. Not withstanding that my one-bedroom Brooklyn Heights pad could fit into the foyer of her DUMBO rooftop apartment, I think we have a similar aesthetic. Here are some of her attainable decor tips, plus a few of my own.

My tip: Don't be ashamed of your IKEA. The bed above is a Malm.
Her tip: Combine polarizing elements . . . like a clean environment with eclectic oddities.
My tip: Lean heavy on the clean environment. We've all got eclectic oddities out the wazoo.
Her tip: Your living room should make a statement. You spend most of your time there.
My tip: Go for some huge art. Even the dumbest paint splat will look interesting if it's enormous.
Her tip: You can transform a room and create a moody elegance with a statement color.
My tip: Keep your color palette limited.
Her tip: Paint your bed the same color as your walls for a streamline look.

Is Athena's apartment your style?


  1. It's certainly a look I love to look at, so classy, sultry and interesting while remaining simple, I guess it's all those polarizing elements that create that mix. I would love to have a dining room version of her living room (first and second pics). And I echo your tip to never be ashamed of your IKEA ... there's some great design to be found there. And ditto too on the interest factor of huge art. Robin

    1. Yeah. Isn't that coffee table amazing. And just enough color in there.