Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY raw stone and crystal jewelry

Here are more than a dozen DIY jewelry projects for making your own raw crystal or raw gemstone jewelry. I'll share some of my own starting next week.

Tanya at Dans Le Townhouse has a through tutorial for creating a crystal necklace seen below using a bullet shell casing. 

She also made these clever agate necklaces without drilling a hole by modifying a craft store bail.

Carly from Chic Steals made this gold-dipped wire wrapped necklace.

I love this DIY Nallik necklace from Pacific Rain.

Emily from Delightfully DIY make this cool crystal quartz nugget necklace as a guest post at My Chic Life.

One of my favs, the gilded geode ring from Swellmayde. Not hard to do but looks fabulous.

You can't beat Natalie's tutorial from Creme de la Craft for sheer simplicity of materials for her gold rock ring.

Kim at Lovelyish used polymer clay for these chunky Adina Mills inspired rings.

Because I'm Addicted had this easy tutorial for a raw crystal necklace made from crystal beads.

Nina at Meli Melo made this wire-wrapped gemstone necklace. The instructions are in German but the photos are universally understandable.

Rachel at Transient Expression made a Pamela Love inspired spikey crystal ring.

Unfortunately Oh! created a chunky amethyst collar necklace.

Alessia from A Matter of Style made this extraordinarily blingy crystal cuff for

Gotta include Dream, Create's DIY Pamela Love cuff again.

Both Style Cameleon and Burnt Feather made raw quartz necklaces using the top piece of a holiday ornament.

I found several of these via the meticulously sourced True Blue Me and You.


  1. What a bunch of talented ladies. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love raw crystals and this is such a great roundup! ... love true blue me and you, too! the MOST organized DIY: my first place to search for anything!!
    xox, d.

  3. Wow, some beautiful ideas here. Many of the photos are stunning in their own right.

  4. Love all the images. especially the swellmade rings. so inspirational!

  5. Replies
    1. You're quite welcome. That was a fabulous bracelet.

  6. Thanks so much for including my DIY gold-dipped quartz necklace DIY! What an amazing round-up of crystal jewelry many I have to check out!

  7. Thanks so much for including my DIY gold-dipped quartz necklace in the round-up! So many great crystal jewelry DIYs here...can't wait to check all of them out!

  8. Would Adina Mills be upset people recreated her art though? She could lose business!

    1. Hi. Good question. I think if a DIYer is inspired to make something for herself (not to sell to others), then it's a compliment, as long as the original designer gets credit. To me it's similar to an amateur artist trying to duplicate a masterpiece - it's done with respect. It's not intended to rip off the artist. However, I also think an artist or designer should always be credited for their work.

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