Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinned It/Wore It - Fur chubby

Welcome back to fashion mythbusters, where we take lovely outfits found in Pinterest and actually try to pull them off.

This edition of Pinned it/Wore it comes to you courtesy of the stylish gal below spotted during New York Fashion Week.

She looks sporty and warm and adorable.

The cropped fur has popped up all over the place this winter. Here are a few examples.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

A little research led me to the information that this style of coat is called a "chubby." Take that as a warning.

Here's my attempt with a thrifted animal print coat.

Zipping didn't make a difference.

The photos where I'm not turned slightly to the side I won't even post.

The coat had a yummy caramel color and was warm. But it was also a size too big, which wasn't helping.

Final review: I felt like a woodchuck.

This test caused me to recollect that there has never been a time that a cropped puffy coat looked good on me. As my mother would say of certain styles: "It's not doing anything for you."

I'm 5' 5". Presumably a tall thin person might look good in this coat. (But then again don't they look good in everything?) If you're craving wild animal print or fur, I think the average woman is better served with a longer coat.

But, if you like this look and don't mind possibly channeling a bottom-of-the-food-chain ground mammal, I would first check out thrift stores since many of today's fur coats are deliberately designed to look like something that fell out of grandma's closet.

However, here are a few new coats that I might be tempted to try.

A faux Mongolian fur coat that's also available in black.

A cool multicolor fur hoody that looks all Prada-esque

And a luxe looking tricolor faux fur (on sale).

Have you pulled off a chubby without looking, well, you know?


  1. Oh good grief.
    Just . . . no.
    I think what really kills yours is the big zipper/dropped shoulder combo, which gives it more of a fur windbreaker look. Or a "Mammals Only" jacket.
    The cutest example of this trend I've seen is this DIY Kate Spade knockoff by the aweseome Selfish Seamstress:
    I mean, look at that zebra-print silk lining. Rrrrrrrrraarr.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. She did a great job. But I would look like a sausage in it.

  2. Hmmm...this is a challenging look to pull off, but I don't think it was an epic fail by any means. The biggest issue I have is that this look is most successful when the coats are left open. Even the stylish gals you shared look better with an open jacket.

    Maybe narrowing the sleeves would help, too.

    P.S. This opinion is not coming from a total layman; I used to be an assistant buyer for a very high-end store and had to tackle this runway-to-reality translation all the time.

    1. Good point, Ashley. Everybody's coat is open.

  3. Oh dear; I really like the idea and the warmth implied, but maybe it's like wearing ski-gear: only works if it fits you really well?
    Can you make it into a cute pillow, perhaps?

    1. You crack me up. I definitely consider turning it into a pillow. (Except I already have two faux fur coats for just that purpose.) I finally let it go so that someone who might wear it more fittingly can have it.