Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY trends for Fall 2013

I know. It's almost spring. Who cares about fall? When it's still not even 40 degrees in New York, I do. Also, I'll post this now then you can forget about it until some gloomy November when you need a project.

My favorite trends were iridescence (easy to love, hard to spell), the closely related trend of bugs on everything, and portraiture.

Above, iridescence in the form of a London street fashion clutch and next from Tory Burch. Below you see both iridescence and bugs in Tory's dragonfly shoes.

There was beetle mania at Tory Burch. Beetle fabric below.

Beetle fabric and beetle bag.

Source: via Kira on Pinterest

Beetle necklaces.

Source: via Sin on Pinterest

Lanvin was also all over insects. In addition to butterfly dresses and more beetle fabric, there was this craziness.

The last trend probably wasn't even a trend, just something I want to try - faces. First, there's the Dolce and Gabbana mosaic portrait fabrics.

Then this interesting necklace I saw twice on street fashion sites. Anybody know who makes it?

Are there any trends you are loving (or hating?)


  1. I am a jewelry designer, and based on the previously held Paris, Mercedes Benz, London, and Milan Fashion Weeks, insect accessories are very in! I am already selling some of my ideas online and it was great! I learned how to make jewelry by attending classes by Dragonfly Designs ( South San Francisco. They taught me everything I need to learn in jewelry making like copper etching, enameling, stamping and drapping, bead stringing, wire work, resin pendants, finger knitting and hair jewelry!

  2. Hello, I wanted to write you an e-mail, but the contact icon doesn't work on my computer. I thought you might be interested my recent DIY, because you liked my other makeover;) Julia