Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow and the city and NYFW

We got snow this week and will get more tonight, which emphasizes the irony of hosting anything fashion-related in February in New York City. Doesn't everybody know we've given up by now?

As I catalogued in this compelling post, late winter is all about turtlenecks, puffer coats and carb loading - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs played out with enough layers to turn you into a human air bag.

Even the Sartorialist was hard pressed to find anyone fashionably put together earlier this week.

Today, however, the sidewalks are clear so Blair can wear this.

She's from California. I hope she brought socks.

For those who plan to be outside for more than a minute, one trick for not going completely frumpy dumpy in an effort just to stay alive is to wear a graphic animal print coat, a technique I've actually tried. Except now it's too cold for a fake fur and the real animals are endangered and can't help me out here.

Wendy wears an animal print and, as always, looks like she just stepped out of a store display window. 

Another option is the brightly colored coat. You can be unique, stylish and sort of warm. Actually, neither of these women looks warm. But they do look fabulous.

Or you wear a more plain coat but keep it open so your stylish outfit peeks out.

Or you can combine these techniques. Wear a bright coat and leave it open. And stand over a steam grate.

Or you can practically take your coat off. Or just drag it behind you in the street.

Below you see my look since, oh, December. Black and black with some black. And a hat. If I could just bring myself to leave my coat open, I could probably look like a model, too.

Oh yay! A puffercoat. She's my hero. Except it's completely open. Has her mother seen this?

And finally, a street fashion look I can embrace.

Although this gal looks so normal, I have a suspicion she's not part of fashion week at all and just wandered down the wrong street.


  1. The first photo is great! Having been in NYC when the storm started on Friday, I know what I looked like, with my giant black coat, hood up, scarf cinched around neck, ridiculous purple gloves, grimacing as my face was pelted with icy lumps from the sky. Definitely decidedly non- glamorous. But warm., or at least trying to be.

  2. This is wonderful - great collection of pics and I agree, when the temperatures drop, more important considerations than fashion must take over. Long live hats!

  3. Great post - you know that girl with the Uggs is the warmest! But I do love the animal print coat. Stay warm!