Monday, February 11, 2013

My DIY Michael Kors cuff

I've got a cuff from a can tutorial over at Dollar Store Crafts. (There's a template posted at to save measuring the inside and outside of the cuff.)

It's inspired by this image Arden posted awhile back on Topcoat.

It's Michael Kors Ayers cuff and it's yours for $398.

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

Or there's mine for 50 cents.

I don't know which is worse - going up against Michael Kors with a tin can or trying to mimic a model who either weighs 98 pounds or is seven feet tall or both.


  1. I really love the black! the paper looks a lot richer than... paper

  2. I love this cuff! and love the comparison "models vs/real people" !!

  3. This cuff is so hot! It looks like the one Wonder Woman was wearing. Ha-ha! It's so edgy and fierce! Michael Kors is really a fashion trendsetter. Yours looked like the same thing! Its almost the same like the one from Michael Kors.

  4. Lmao you have me cracking up :) LOVE this, cannot BELIEVE it's from a tin can. It's absolute genius, great job!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. No doubt, you look as you are, R E A L. Think that the model is that, a model whose only work is to look as she looks in the photograph. I really much prefer real women. By the way I love your blog and like very much your cuff. Congratulations!

  6. I love this can cuff project! Too awesome for words. And the cutting template was very helpful - thanks! So lovely:-)