Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DIY cuff bracelet inspiration

Great big bangles. Love to wear them. Love to make them.

Here are a few from real designers to get the juices flowing. A lot of these are sold out or really expensive - all the more reason to DIY a version.

Later I'll share some actual cuff DIYs along with one of my own.

Above, a freeform glittery rhinestone cuff from Johanna Johnson boutique.

Wirey gold cuffs from Catherine Beth via Refinery 29.

Marni leather cuff with jewel embellishment via Erin Pruckno.

Batik leather cuff by Andreas Widodo

Anthro's Linked Cuff.

Jeweled ribbon cuff, source unknown.

Source: rstyle.me via Samantha on Pinterest

Golden Birch Cuff from Anthro.

 Coin cuff bracelet via Tori Spelling.


Boticca's Blue Sands cuff.

Free People's Desert Valley leather cuff.

Black and gold cuff from Hauler Deals.

Leopard cuffs from Dannijo.

Amethyst cuff from Haute Look.

Bidermann Brass and Silver Threaded Cuff.

Source: rstyle.me via Samantha on Pinterest

Kelly Wearstler turquoise cuff on sale for $150.

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