Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 DIY cuff bracelets

Here are a few big bold DIY cuff projects, starting with my favorite, a starfish cuff molded from a real starfish.

Alana at Dream, Create used a craft store starfish, silicone putty and fimo.

Here's the iconic DIY Pamela Love cuff, also by Dream, Create.

You can get a somewhat similar chunky look with much easier tutorial using a store-bought cuff, polymer clay and a chunk of pyrite or a geode at Kit This.

Another of my faves - DIY lucite cuffs from Love Aesthetics.

A leather cuff with a cool hardware clasp from Alicia at Dismount Creative for Think Crafts.

Make a rhinestone cuff bracelet using a rhinestone ornament ($28) at Shine Trim.

Silvia at Born in 82 made this fur cuff bracelet with vintage buttons.

And the gold lace cuff from a doily at Burda Style. Also done by LHDC-TV and Runway DIY with gold paint.

Have you seen or tried any good DIY cuff projects?


  1. Oh WOW. I have to go check out that starfish cuff RIGHT away. Stunning! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  2. Blech. I jsut posted a comment but I think it might've gotten lost? Sorry if this is a dupe. :) But anyway, thanks so much for the inspiration! I can't wait to go read more on the starfish cuff!

  3. such great projects - love the starfish and the rhinestone! And the fur. Ok, I need them all :)

  4. Oh, gosh, that starfish is just amazing. I need spring to come so I can make and wear one too!

  5. Hi, me again... lol! Here is the tutorial I used to put my DIY gallery together:


  6. Ooooh, totally digging the combo of leather and hardware. Very cool.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration. In 1965, my girlfriends and I used to make bangles using heavy- duty cardboard tubes(cut about 1" or 2" wide), Paper-mache' and paint. I remember it was fun.