Monday, December 10, 2012

Burst your bubble necklace

The iconic and now ubiquitous J. Crew bubble necklace,which sells for $150, is now available at your local mall teenybopper store for around 12 bucks. If you actually paid $150 for one, sorry to burst your bubble necklace (har).

The bubble necklace has been knocked off by Etsy and Ebay sellers for under $20 for awhile. But now you can save yourself the cost of shipping by picking one up from Wet Seal (pale coral, mint and ivory), Charlotte Russe (red, yellow and white), and Rainbow (cobalt blue, deep coral and black).

Wet Seal currently has the necklace 30% off with 99-cent shipping. The Charlotte Russe necklace is 20% off. The Rainbow necklaces are only available in store and range from $8 to $12.

Personally I now own two and long for more due to their immense size and pleasing Fibonacci-like design.

Do you own one yet?


  1. Oh I will own at least 1 as soon as I complete my online order :) Thanks so much for the great shopping tip!

  2. I still don't have one - am I the last blogger w/o one? :) Soooo glad I didn't spend $150!

    1. I thought I was. But just bought a white one. You're it.

  3. No, I'm it. I don't have one and although I'd love to try one, I'd probably chicken out of wearing it much...

  4. I adore the two I own, but I'm just bummed that they are *SO* prevalent now! I was volunteering in my kindergartner's classroom and had *three* kids come up to me and say "My mommy has that same necklace!" Major buzzkill. On to the next big thing? (c;

  5. DO you give one for free? lol i love the colors!

  6. The possibilities for this are endless. I think I would sew it onto a pillow.

  7. Brilliant. Then you could burst a bubble by sitting on it.

  8. Yep I go a very jolly red one for about £5 from H&M here in the UK, so glad I did not pay £100 for it! I do like the pattern a lot.