Tuesday, December 4, 2012

15 DIYs with sequins

As promised, here are a whole stack of things you can make with sequins - elbow patches, wall art, chair backs, a photo booth, camera strap, pumps, tote, skirt, pocket tee, shorts, clutch, blazer and the ever popular sequin collar three ways.

Technically, the one right below is coins, not sequins,but you get the drift.

Source: flickr.com via Samantha on Pinterest


There's a version of the sequin collar DIY using sequin trim rather than fabric at Thanks I Made It and another one from Life's Obsessions that uses sequin trim to embellish a shirt with a collar.


  1. Oh, I love DIYs. These sparkly ones are fantastic! I really like the buttons on the back of the chair.

  2. Can you figure out how to DIY a pair of sequin heels? I have a wedding to go to on Saturday (I know, short notice) and can't bear to spend $300 on the J.Crew version of this look. 'K, thanks.

    1. Check out Love Maegan's sequin pumps tutorial. For the heels, she used a strip of stretchy sequin trim.

      Glitter heels are easy, too. I would use Tulip glitter paint. It avoids the Mod Podge and mess of loose glitter used in most tutorials. I tried it out in this post: http://www.bromeliadliving.com/2011/12/sponsored-post-my-diy-glittery-eco.html