Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More water art

Summer is winding down, but water art can be enjoyed all year. (More water art inspiration here. An easy water art DIY here. )


Images: Lonny; Charles de Isle via Desire to Inspire; Ashley Whitaker; Samantha Lyman via Desire to Inspire; Hilary Walker at Hilary Inspired; Michael Haverland in AD France via Design Elements; James Salomon via Decor Pad; Dumb House Beautiful, which did not upload a text-free image of this house by Ashley Whitaker.


  1. Totally giggling about the commentary on "dumb house beautiful", I *hate* it when they do that! But I'm totally loving the water art inspiration...it gives such a calm and relaxing feeling to the rooms! It's like a license to chillax (c:

  2. I love water art!! The third pic from the bottom is my favorite. I love how bright blue the pool water looks. I feel refreshed just looking at it!

    1. I like that one, too. I have a thing for pool water. (p.s. you won the mod podge giveaway.)

  3. water can be so serene and peaceful! I love the idea of having it framed around the house!