Thursday, August 2, 2012

Florals and spots and a way to DIY it

I'm having a floral fabric moment, my second one of late. Did you know that florals and dots go together? I've seen it in three places on the interwebs this week, which qualifies as a full-on trend.

The Glamourai wore hers.

Jenny at Little Green Notebook and Naomi at Design Manifest mixed dalmation spots with Designer Guild's Orangerie fabric. Orangerie is fabulous, popular and, along with its cousins, about $100 a yard.

So, let's play a little game. Which fabrics are $100 a yard and which ones are $10 a yard?

OK, the first batch were all the fancy ones. All the rest are $10 quilter's fabrics, (except for the one Designer's Guild fabric I slipped into the last set. I'll let you keep guessing on that one.)

Yup, as I learned a few years ago, quilters have unbelievable choices in fabrics, more so than people who make dresses or people who make pillows. Take a look around for the detailed botanical prints of Philip Jacobs for Westminster Fabrics. (Martha Negley also has quite a few.)

As to the spots, those are easy. Togo by Premier Prints, which is less than $8 a yard.

Would you try this combo?

Would you pop for the real Orangerie?


  1. Could you tell me what the name of the fabric on the last set all the way to the right? It is beautiful!

    1. Hi Emily. It's Philip Jacobs' Delphinium in Pastel for Westminster Fabrics.

  2. I love this combo, and I especially love it on The Glamourai.

  3. Togo is "spot on".

    Spots including ikat dots remind me of an animal print; Togo is very leopard'ish to me. I think of animal prints as classic neutrals that go with everything. So for me, "yes" to a good combo of spots + floral.

    There's some amazing quilting fabrics out there (pattern and saturated colors) but it is very lightweight. I've used it for pillows before and it held up well because I fused it with interfacing (the iron on type) first to give it some body / heft. And its washable which is necessary for pillows in my home!

    Thanks for pointing out Togo ... may have to get some.


    1. Thanks for the interfacing tip. I'm so fickle my pillows never have time to wear out but it probably wouldn't hurt to give them some shape.