Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fame, Mod Podge giveaway winner and successful silk screening

My ruffled rose pillow was recently featured in The Washington Post Style section in an article by  Erin Williams about ways to reuse a bridesmaid's dress.

The pillow now lives in Australia with Elizabeth, author of the blog I Heart Sunny Days. So Elizabeth, you may want to be careful about whom you let sit on that pillow since it's famous and all.

In other news, after deciding that crafts really shouldn't make you angry, I sent my Plaid screenprinting kit to Maya at Soccer Mom Style. Maya is an avid DIYer and an actual artist, and, as expected, she got the kit to work quite nicely and made the above shirt for her daughter. 

And last but not least, the winner of our $60 Mod Podge giveaway is Brooke from Inside-Out Design. Congrats, Brooke. If you can send me your snail mail address, I will get this box of goodies out to you.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pillow. And the fabric is so gorgeous, I definitely understand your desire to reuse it. Way to go to be featured in Washington Post Congratulations!

    Thanks for your kind words. I wanted to make more bison shirts (Bison is my kids' school mascot) and did not want to purchase special Simply Screen ink. I used my acrylics mixed with fabric medium instead. And it worked!! Now my son has a similar shirt and so does my daughter's friend :)