Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cool lighting at a kiddie store

Some of the best looking sort-of-expensive-but-not-ridiculously-so lighting I've seen lately has come from the kiddie store Land of Nod.

Above is the Between a Rock lamp, which is $69 just for the base, a tad high for such a wee lamp but wow it looks neat. Next to it is the Modern Clip Lamp for $49. (Does anyone besides me find it annoying when children have cooler stuff than I do?)

Here's some Land of Nod lighting in the homes of real grownups.

Ashley at Meet Me in Philadelphia got two Rock lamps.

And you may recall the two Flashlight lamps I bought from Land of Nod awhile ago for $50 each when I was craving shiny nickel task lighting.

They ended up being horrible for the job I intended (lighting a whole bedroom, go figure) but great for illuminating the foyer and helping Mr. Bromeliad distinguish the navy blue socks from the black ones.