Thursday, April 12, 2012

The peacock mirror is back

This time the knock-off retailer is ZGallerie for $299.

The Marrakesh Oval Mirror is "molded of a surprisingly lightweight material" (aka plastic).

You may recall the frenzy over Pier 1's Honeycomb Mirror, which offered mirrored goodness for $250, eventually marked down to $199 (and, reportedly, even down to $90 or so in places far from here).

Here's the real deal at Wisteria for $2,400. (And about $900 at Restoration Hardware.)

See how $299 starts to sound good?


  1. Oh I love that: plastic from now on will always be "surprisingly lightweight material" to me.

  2. oh, how i've wanted this mirror for so long. hmmm, $299 doesn't sound so bad!

  3. It's a beautiful mirror and I would love to have it in my home (as a gift). But it makes me wonder what the copyright laws are like for furniture and home decor?