Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY photo collage

Just came across this via Effortless Style. It's the creation of photographer Annie McElwain.

Personally I find having a lot of photos around to be stressful. All those itty bitty frames. All those random shapes and colors.

This suits my OCD tendencies nicely.

Grids. So soothing.


  1. Ha! I am picturing you flipping through a Pottery Barn catalog and freaking out at the artfully curated and arranged walls of photos.

    And by the way, people who are truly OCD spell it CDO. (Alphabetical order, you know.)


  2. Hi,
    I'm desperate to find out about your sheet music poster listed awhile ago...please forward. I'd love to make it as a gift for a birthday I have coming up soon. I hope it was inexpensive.

    1. Hi Marnice,

      Here is the post:

      I didn't actually make it. It was an idea from Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams home furnishings. However, if you look in the comments I post some suggestions on where you can print out some sheet music and make a similar project.