Monday, December 19, 2011


The blog has been a little fruitless lately.

A friend brought persimmons from Florida from his mom's tree. Persimmon - another fruit I never tasted until recently.

Sad that my Ohio childhood was so deprivational.


  1. Should we start a knitting circle or something to fundraise so as to send a crate of persimmons to Ohio? I would knit a small egg-cosy out of fellow feeling, having never tasted one, ever.

  2. You have some VIP friends!!!
    Last year I had the pleasure of eating persimmons my parents smuggled in from Georgia (the country):

    Deprived childhood? lol... I guess it all depends... I had happy childhood eating persimmons, figs, pomegranates and delicious apricots (U.S. apricots are just not the same) from my grandparents farm in Georgia but I had never played with Barbies, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake etc... I only had a handful of toys (crappy Soviet ones) but was still happy. If only I could explain this to my children.... lol Christmas makes me a nervous wreck. So. MANY. TOYS. I can't handle more toys. Oh, and you know those little ones like Polly Pocket, Squinkies, Pet shop etc?????!!! Oh I think I'm gonna end up in a psychiatric ward if Santa brings us more of these.
    Sorry, I get easily distracted as you can tell ;)

  3. Sorry, I am back here. I took a blogging break recently and now am totally deprived of some adult time (even if we talk a little fruitty). I was just thinking what else I ate growing up that I don't find here... Have you ever tried feijoa? It's delish!

  4. Never heard of feijoa. I will keep an eye out for it. There must be some place in this city that has it.

    America, in my opinion, has too many toys and not enough good fruit.

  5. So how was the persimmon? I've never had one either!

  6. Delish. But you have to eat them when ripe. Then they are like a plum mixed with a strawberry.