Thursday, December 22, 2011

Affordable shoes for the extremely picky

About 90 percent of my shoes are thrifted, so when I do buy a pair, they have to be cheap, fabulous and comfy. This matrix comes together maybe once every two years.

Sadly, the aisles of cheap shoes are filled with stubby-toed flats, platforms the size of bricks and an inordinately large selection of stilettos.

While trendy yet graceful shoes from J.Crew, Madewell, Talbots, Steve Madden, etc. are $70 to $300, here are some similar looks for less.

The bow flat at Kmart (Restricted Footwear Women's Nectarine $32.50)

A tapered toe skimmer flat in happy colors - Urban Outfitters (BDG Leather Pointy Skimmer $34)

The chunky pump - Target (Mossimo Pemota Chunky Heel Pump $24)

The glittery flat or pump - Payless (Chelsea Flat $17)

The colorful suede pump - Target for price, Urban Outfitters for colors (Pemota pump in Coral $24, OU Suede Pump $39)

The animal print pump - Target (Merona Euna Cheetah pump $25)

A really cute tapered animal print flat for around $20 - Still looking.


  1. I will have to check out those leopard pumps! I've had mine repaired a couple of times and I don't know how much more life is left in them. I don't have good luck with cheap shoes, though. They start to smell and insoles don't always keep them from being hurty :-/ Perhaps these will be different...

  2. Yeah, that's true. I don't pound around much in dress shoes. I walk to work in flats and then wear fancy shoes only at my desk.