Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY ottoman and dressed-up drawer pulls

Look at the things clever people have been doing while I've been watching Seinfeld.

Sarah at Prairie Perch knocked off a designer ottoman with vinyl and plywood.

Christina at Full House gave some artsy South American charm to a bunch of IKEA drawer pulls. (It's like friendship bracelets for furniture.) Also check out her twine-covered pulls.


  1. Wow that ottoman is awesome - some people are so creative!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention and link up. Glad to have found you and your lovely blog!

  3. The blogworld is just teeming with talent. And, now, I am feeling like a slacker for watching Seinfeld (like you) in the evenings when I could be working on projects!

  4. That ottoman is pretty darn snazy. I'd love to try that. I bought 1000 nickel nailheads and have yet to use them!

  5. Well hey there...thanks for the mention. seinfeld is the best.

  6. ooh! very clever diy drawer pull! what a great way to use my leftover stash from summer friendship bracelets.

    thx for sharing!