Thursday, June 9, 2011

A forest of figs

Fig trees appeared on the cover of both House Beautiful and Elle Decor this month. (I'm such a trend spotter.)

I've been liking them since Karen McAloon stuck them in half her makeovers for HGTV's Find Your Style. Whatever happened to that show? I loved it.

Karen, wherever you are, you were right. Figs are cool.

Some random figness. (To be clear, these are fiddle-leaf figs, which are big house plants, not to be confused with yummy eating figs, which grow in the back yards of Italian households.)


  1. I like thist trend! They add such a nice pop of green to the rooms. Great trend spotting :)

  2. Love the ocean view. The fig trees are great;)

  3. They are beautiful. Would love one in my house, too.