Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nature's first green is gold

Just had to show I finally figured out the f-stops on my camera. (Still working on coordinating f-stop and shutter speed.)

New York is beeoooootiful right now.


  1. ". . . a hue she cannot hold." That's one of my mom's favorite quotations. Made me smile. :)

  2. You've got me wanting to google f-stops now with those lovely photos.

  3. hmmph, on further googling I see my mom's version isn't quite the same as Frost's, but never mind- mom is always right.

    and more to the point- the photos are gorgeous. Especially the first one. I love me some abstracted nature photography!)

  4. Such gorgeous colors - is this at Brooklyn Botanical? A couple weeks ago I spent a drizzly Sunday afternoon wandering around there in a trance (slightly hungover, which partly accounted for the trance - but it was beautiful).

  5. Katie, your mom's version sounds good. Of course, my source is SE Hinton, not Frost.

    Caroline, these are from a little garden outside of my apartment. I'm too cheap for the botanical.