Friday, May 20, 2011

Found items: Bird and Thai silk

Elizabeth Abernathy has inspired me to start posting my finds again.

I recently thrifted this gold bird figurine and a long Thai silk skirt that I will maybe wear once because it goes past the ankles and I'm not boho enough to pull it off. But wouldn't it make neat pillows?

Found anything good lately?


  1. I like that bird - he would be very cute on a stack of books somewhere.

  2. Gorgeous. I found a small jewel-toned pastel picture of a hummingbird in a gold-leafed frame.

  3. wow! I love your bird. I haven't had the most amazing luck at the thrifts lately. we did find a pallet by a dumpster that was basically a raised garden bed, so we strapped it to the roof and took it home!