Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Closets: Front and center

Following up my previous advice to wear your stuff until you hate it, I've been trying different methods of making myself wear seldom used items.

I started with jewelry, sorting it all out and separating jewelry I liked and couldn't seem to give up but never wore.

I put some of said items in a bowl front and center in my closet. (The bowl is a recent thrift find, btw.)

And I did indeed wear this blue-beaded necklace. For about 10 minutes. A strand broke, scattering dozens of little beads.

See how easy that was?

Wear it. Break it. Problem solved.

How do you make yourself wear things?


  1. haha- I don't ever make myself wear anything but I guess the universe spoke to you!

  2. But now there's the problem of what do do with the blue beads. Maybe embellish a hat with them to wear with those lovely red shoes?

  3. Hmm...I basically don't. I wear like the same three things all the time, but my closet is expoding. My fashion challenges are a sad state of affairs.

  4. I make myself wear old things, but I have to decide to do it the night before and hang the piece in question on my dresser to make myself build an outfit around it the next day. I can't be creative in a hurry. :)

  5. Wow, how I wish I could also have a closets like these... Love the way you organized your things...:)

  6. I've been trying to find a way to do the same without much success. I like the idea of setting a few things apart so they grab my attention - only if I weren't so lazy .....

  7. I never make myself wear anything. I tend to wear a boring ''uniform'' everyday (jeans/capris, fitted T&camisole, with jacket/short sweater) and to make it interesting I have to be inspired. I really want to start wearing my real jewelry more though. I have so much more costume than real, so odds are one of the costume pieces is bound to be perfect. I have been trying to find ways to mix the real in with the costume lately (a la Coco Chanel) with limited success. I showed a friend of mine one of my neglected pieces and she said that she would wear it everyday for a month to get it back in the action. Laying it out to wear might be an easier way to go though!

    1. I seem to wear the same things over and over too