Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Closets: Crush your crush

As many organizers will tell you, you ought to get rid of things not worn in a year. But, I can tell you that things not worn in a year are impossible to get rid of. Infatuation can continue indefinitely when one is not required to deal with the dream on a daily basis.

So, really, don't get rid of things not worn in a year, which causes emotional upheaval. Simply wear it. Get to know its flaws. See what it looks like when it first gets up in the morning. Take off those rose-colored glasses (unless it is a pair of rose-colored glasses that you are trying to get rid of). Then you will not able to wait to ditch it.

Case in point - my crush shoes.

These shoes are impractical in every way for any girl from middle America over the age of 40 who is occasionally required to crawl on the floor for work, unless that girl is Kelly Wearstler.

But look. They are metallic and shimmery on the inside.

And they have these awesome zippers and tassels.

Soooooo cute.

Because I'm not wearing them, I'm keeping them. As paperweights.

What kooky closet crush do you cling to?


  1. No way should you throw out those shoes.

    Could the solution be to lie, to oneself and others, about how recently things have been worn?

  2. I *love* those shoes! They are fabulous!! I agree, it is so hard to get rid of things, worn or not. There's always the 'Well I MIGHT wear it...' so we (I) hold on to it. I love your advice to just wear it and figure out why you haven't worn it. Either you will fall in love with it again, or you will get rid of it. Win win either way!

  3. I am definitely on the same page.. Some shoes are not for walking... Sometimes I have this crazy idea to display my shoes in the living room :=))) and if I had this shoes they would be in the center..

  4. omg.... i WISH i had a closet that cool.

  5. Please do not say you got those shoes for free from some grab bag. They are so chic!

  6. Those fall into my category of dinner shoes, made for sitting at a table and looking fabulous and not shlepping to meetings. If they make you happy, they should stay, especially since shoes don't mysteriously become too small :)

  7. those are gorgeous! they can come live in my closet any day...but I definitely think you should keep them.

    I hear you about the closet clean-out. I've tried the 'toss it after a year' thing but then I realize a few years later that I threw out something great that I really wish I had. If you love it, find a way to work it!!

  8. Yes, I did get them very very very cheap. There were several of the identical pair at my favorite thrifting spot.

    No worries. I am keeping them.

  9. Those shoes are too cute...I wouldn't call them crushes, that's for sure, but I cling to a few cozy sweatshirts...

  10. those are a keeper!! look pretty as paperweights, and at a dinner table! a good excuse to tell your husband he should take you out for dinner more! (that's my excuse!!!)

  11. I cling to clothes with emotional attachments even though I'll never wear again, though I've pared them down. Those shoes are the business, though I think there are quite a few cobblestone streets in your nabe and those aren't quite practical.