Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mora Dora Maar

Get this before Jonathan Adler's lawyers notice.

The Parker Vase, $50 at Z Gallerie.


  1. I bought mine for $15 at Homegoods but I will admit I like this one better. Will be considering it I want another one. Thanks for sharing my husbands wallet thanks you.

  2. I'm sure Jonathan won't mind, because the people who buy this vase wouldn't even consider buying the original $550 version, so its a different consumer base, right? :) I wonder if this kind of thing make designers feel frustrated and robbed or flattered?

  3. Great spot - yes, very similar.
    The design kind of spooks me out; not sure I like faces/eyes which follow me around the room... :)

  4. I went to go see it today, that thing is HUGE! Definitely a good price at $50. I might have to get it I loved it even more in person.