Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What inspired in August

Lush flowers were my initial inspiration in August. From that, I actually made a few brightly colored fabric flower brooches.

Here were some other inspiring posts:

Elisa @ What the Vita found four color palettes that work with grey.

Ally @ From the Right Bank shared a stunning view from a rooftop Swedish apartment.

Lucy @ Four Walls and a Roof encouraged me to collect more stuff with her review of Thomas O'Brien. (I actually did something with this inspiration. Will post soon.)

Elizabeth Abernathy reminded me of how much I like sketches and monochrome art in general. (Did a little something with this. Will post soon.)

Pauline @ Struggling to be Stylish boldly added lush flower fabric with her bedroom makeover. (She's also giving some away.)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar posted three colorful glass-bottles-in-a-window arrangements.

Mise @ Pretty Far West made her own glass bottle window arrangement.

Full House and The Estate of Things have both got me wanting a folk art coverlet.

Monika @ Splendid Willow has me figuring out how to get a vintage star chart.

Geneva @ A Pair and a Spare has me collecting brass buttons to make a version of this terrific fashion embellishment.

Thanks to Skyla @ Sanity Fair, I want the Kate Spade book clutch.

I. Cannot. Believe. It's September. Already.

Image: Vintage Rose Garden via Little Blue Deer


  1. Wow, that Swedish view (and the apartment inside) is just wonderful. How I'd love to own a 'city pad' like that!
    Thank you also for the very kind mention. :)

  2. All such great posts! I love Mise! =)

  3. What a fine idea to have a round-up (and I'm honoured that my bottles are included!) And I'm not ready for September at all, at all.

  4. I'm STILL thinking about that apartment and that terrace. Thanks for the shout out, Ms. S!