Friday, September 24, 2010

Gone to the beach

We are making our once a year trip to the beach, my husband's anniversary gift to me since he is not a beachy person.

We never make it there until September. But it's still hot (in the 80s) but not too hot. And the crowds are gone.

Images: Daniel Farmer; The Vamoose


  1. Enjoy!! Just got back from the beach and it's so nice when the crowds are gone! You have it all to yourself!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time! I like traveling in the fall, too. Things are half empty, but the weather is still nice.

  3. Oh the first picture is stunning!
    I want to see your photo with your husband had fun on the beach!

  4. Have fun, and when you do any of those DIYs, let me know.

  5. Did you make it? My husband is not a beach person either, he did a week at St. Simons with my family in July, that would probably be his birthday/anniversary/Christmas gifts to me!