Friday, August 20, 2010

Sometimes I knock off Anthro, sometimes Anthro knocks off me

Above, Anthropologie's Billowed Bow Tank, brought to my attention by Christine at Down and Out Chic.

Below, my first no-sew ruffled collar, made about a year ago.


  1. Good for you! You should be in retail fashion design.

  2. WHAT?! That is SO awesome-doesnt that make you feel good?!

  3. *hunts through closet looking for a sacrificial blouse*

  4. It's not impossible that Anthro are getting inspiration from awesome bloggers like you... I occasionally get hits from the Ethan Allen servers :)

    You asked about me winning giveaways - it's weird, but I do feel I've been particularly lucky with those I've entered. To be honest, I try only to enter if it's something I really would like to win - for karma's sake, I wouldn't want to take a prize away from someone who loved it much more. The other thing is, some of the giveaways have (sadly) not very many entries, which of course increases your chances. I admit, if I click on a giveaway link and find 800 comments already, I don't always bother to fill out the form. But if it's an item I love with 18 entries, I'm all over it!

  5. lol - totally. I think Anthro is a bit like a blender - have they ever stuck to one era or style? It's such a mix - and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they trolled etsy :)
    Grey's a great color for fall - I'm finally getting excited about that!

  6. have just found your blog.....through randomly researching for an interior design assignment - how to warm up cool rooms, but still keep them cool!! lucky am I to have found your blog - very clever girl, have just spend 45 wonderful minutes perusing....thanx and look forward to stopping by often - from Melbourne, Australia!!