Thursday, June 10, 2010

What to buy at CSN Stores?

Thanks to Struggling to be Stylish, I am the winner of a $75 gift certificate to CSN Stores, my first giveaway win ever. I won on May 5 and have yet to buy anything. That is because CSN Stores has approximately 50 kajillion items for sale.

If I add another $25, I could purchase the pillow of my dreams, pictured above, Thomas Paul's Sea Life Shell Pillow in charcoal. This is very much like, but even better than, The Most Beautiful Pillow Ever Made, which I posted about a year and a half ago.

But, being an optimizer rather than a satisficer, I cannot possibly be content with my first choice. Also, I need another throw pillow like I need a hole in the head.

What I could use is a hip clothes hamper, better lighting, a dining room table and maybe a neat little rug. I came up dry on the hamper. But the lighting and my ongoing quest for some kind of cool swing-arm lamp or sconce was another story.

Below is my short list, all less than $200 at CSN Stores:

Kenroy Home Mint Height Adjustable Torchiere in Antique Brass ($160)

Adesso Architect Floor Lamp ($132)

Light Source Santino Swing Arm Wall Lamp ($87)

Kenroy Home Theta One Light Swing Arm Wall Lamp ($90)

Kenroy Home Metro Swing Arm Wall Lamp ($90)

Kenroy Home Frye Swing Arm Wall Lamp ($99)

Grandrich Adjustable Floor Lamp ($80)

Kenry Home Theta One Light Floor Lamp ($135)

Light Source Damek Floor Lamp ($137)

Fangio Adjustable Floor Lamp ($105)

Stein World Desk and Floor Lamp in restored brass ($209)

Fangio Adjustable Floor Lamp in black ($105)

Kenroy Home Hydra One Light Floor Lamp in brushed steel ($108)

Kenroy Home Sweep Floor Lamp in Gloss White ($153)

Fangio Swing Arm Floor Lamp ($145)

Kenroy Home Reeler One Light Floor Lamp in Oiled Bronze ($117)

Robert Abbey Real Simple Floor Lamp in matte black ($200)


  1. I like the Fangio options that you've listed!

    Okay, I know this is going backwards, but have you thought about using it for one of the non-pillow Thomas Paul products (bag, scarf, etc)?

  2. My vote: the Light Source Santino Swing Arm Wall Lamp.

  3. i'm in the same boat!

    i won a csn giveaway, but there are too many options! i don't know how i'll make up my mind!

    ps. i say go for the pillow ;)

  4. I love the pillow too! Good luck selecting a lamp... so many great ones you found.


  5. i see there is lots of agonizing going on with this little win of yours! hahahahah. i can relate! all of your choices are lovely. just lovely! dang it.

  6. Sigh. Yes, of all the Thomas Paul things though, I like this shell design the best. And of course, it's only on a pillow. And of course I will agonize and agonize.

  7. Ack -- even narrowing it down to lighting seems overwhelming! :)

    But, for what it's worth, I really dig the Kenroy Home Metro Swing Arm wall lamp.

    And the pillow, of course. ;)

  8. It's certainly a lovely pillow but I agree, $100 seems like a lot and I really love some of the lighting options you found.
    Ironically, I too have this same (pleasant) headache which you and Brittany share - I have a modest amount to spend at CSN too, and am going round in fruitless circles!

  9. They do have a crazy amount of stuff which is great but bad for indecisive people like us. I like your lighting choices, especially the sconces.

  10. Well, I just took the plunge and, thanks to your research, ordered the Damek floor lamp you pictured above... it's destined for a reading corner in my bedroom.
    Good luck with your choice!

  11. Glad somebody is capable of making a decision.

  12. Hi! I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a $50 gift certificate to CSN Stores. Who knows, you could win this one and add it to yours!

  13. Have you decided?
    I say get the pillow. It's a windfall; you're not going to blow $100 on a pillow when you are making lovely suzani pillows for yourself so yeah, pillow, pretty much.

    Lighting is practical but I bet you can find a great sale on something soon.

  14. Yay, found it!
    Thank you so much for being my personal shopper on this one - I'm going to link to you from the bedroom posting...