Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Foiled again

I almost got my hands on this lamp, Pottery Barn's $250 Architect's Floor Lamp. Actually the $63 version below from, which I found via Copy Cat Chic via Casa Sugar.

It had everything I wanted. Double jointedness. A cone-shaped head. Industrialness. Overstock warned me the sellout risk was high. I dithered. I dillied. I dallied. I decided. And Overstock was out of stock.

Instances of similar behavior are here and here and, oh yes, here if you can bear to look. (And this is not counting the aluminum tables I dragged to the checkout and back and then bought, which post back in February included a long treatise over lighting options.)

Sometimes it's just exhausting being me.


  1. Oh yes, that's me too. If in doubt, dither. Especially on the internet, where something even better is just a click away, theoretically, but then you get weary and think "to hell with a darling new side-table anyway."

    It's a nice lamp (she said uselessly).

  2. It's so cute! I hate when that happens...maybe it will come back? = )

  3. I see even better lighting in your future. It's cute but Overstock is pretty regularly replenished.

  4. Oh dear - any chance you could set up an eBay alert? I was distraught when I missed some Pottery Barn plates but scooped them up on eBay. The less than fab part of the tale is I paid more for them....
    Very nice lamp - hope you find one soon!

  5. Check out IKEA. I've seen a similar lamp for about $20-40.