Sunday, March 14, 2010

Words to live by

"I do take a special pleasure in thrift, a talent I get from my father. About this talent my mother said, 'Harry's hobby is not spending money.'"

Meryl Streep, as quoted in Glamour magazine


  1. This reminds me of my father-in-laws comment about his wife Eileens thrifting .....
    "Eileen was always the economiser .......
    with the emphasis on 'miser' "

  2. That's a surprising hollywood quote - it's so nice to hear that she doesn't want more diamonds or gold face lotion! lol. I really enjoy her work.

  3. In linguistics class, we always discussed the concept of framing using the example "thrifty" vs "stingy" - they mean pretty much the same thing but one's positive and one's negative..

  4. That's funny! It is true that some people get the same pleasure from spending money as other people get from, well, not spending it.

  5. Doesn't she look great? So serene and happy.
    A similar quote could apply to my husband, but I can't really knock it when his savings habit has been a huge factor in us buying our own house and having a glimmer of a pension.