Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodwill Fishing

Here's my haul from the Goodwill store in Bonita Springs, Florida. We took a trip there with the folks a few weeks ago. Don't adjust your monitor settings. Everything really is grey or black. I got:
  • new black peeptoe flats - walkable and cute.
  • a grey comfy work dress
  • a ruffled sweater by the British label Wrap (My mom actually found this.)
  • a set of of white sailcloth curtains (Not pictured. Yet.)

Bonita Springs has a whole strip of great thrift stores. Here's my Bromeliad Living tip for the week when it comes to thrift shopping. Don't buy stuff just because it's cheap. Only buy what's cheap and fabulous. Lots of cheap adds up to expensive and then a need to clean the closet and give a pile to Goodwill.

We also enjoyed the beach.

And fishing with these guys.


  1. More grey, more black. My favorite colors. Looks like you had a good time.

  2. AWESOME thrift store finds! I tried to go to two when I was visiting my parents but they were both closed (we went on a Monday?) Dying to see the sailcloth curtains!

    Oh and yes, I did every single thumbnail for my blogroll (took about 3 days!)

  3. Fabulous finds, you did really well here.
    Love the pelican pic, too!

  4. The Bonita Spring beaches are excellent for fishing and boating and have really eye catching sightseeing and surroundings.