Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Caught on camera

A little story . . .

I came home from work Monday, piddled around the foyer, hung my coat, washed my hands and finally turned the light on in the kitchen. There on the counter was this camera (a Fujifilm FinePix) and a note from my honey.

The phone rings. It's my honey.

Me: "Thank you! Thank you!"

Him: "Stop scratching your butt."*

He's calling from the deck where he's been standing in the rain for at least 20 minutes waiting for me to come home so he can see me surprised.

Anyhoo, this means . . . better photos for you blog readers.

For more examples of the many ways Mr. Bromeliad surprises me, see this, this and this. Aren't unexpected gifts the best?

*For the record, I was tucking my shirt into my waistband with my back to the window.