Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aluminum tables

The Bromeliads are proud owners of two aluminum side tables, an impulse purchase of sorts from HomeGoods for $50 each. I dragged them to the checkout line and then dragged them back - couldn't bring myself to spend $100 all at once on accent furniture. Mom later went back and bought then for me. (Thanks, Mom!)

Mr. Bromeliad made fun of them but immediately turned one into his personal beverage table.

I've had them five days and they're still sitting in the living room like Minnie Pearl with their price tags on. Where should I put them? What's going to go out the door to make room?

This is all the fault of Sarah over at The Estate of Things, who posted about aluminum tables a few weeks back and made me want one. Or two.

Below are a few places they could go. Also some price comparisions which make my two-for-$100 tables look like a real deal.

Sally Conran via The Estate of Things

Z Gallerie Alu Accent Table, $99

Pottery Barn Recycled Aluminum Accent Table, was $249 but no longer available.

Horchow Aluminum Wine Table, $399

Neiman Marcus Tall Aluminum Table, $459


  1. I am desperately craving a Home Goods in my general vicinity! *sigh* Those are awesome!

  2. Me, too. I got these in Cleveland.

  3. I really like the table by a tub - that looks really unique and cute and practical - always a good combo. That's really, really cute...

  4. They are the perfect size. And so shiny! Like a stripper's bikini, but classier.

  5. This is a great table design. Any where you can put this one are real fit.

    Deirdre G