Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sierra foothills wine country

This weekend, we visited friends in Sacramento, who took us to Shenandoah Valley wine country for tastings.

The wineries along the Sierra foothills are more laid back than those in Napa Valley. Also, they do not charge for their tastings. Friendly people, good wine, autumn color, cheap fun all around.

The first two photos and last photos are from Wilderotter Winery. The middle is eucalyptus growing at the Dobra Winery in nearby Plymouth.


  1. Wow, I have lived in Northern California for year (won't mention how many!) and have yet to visit the foothills for wine tasting... I've been to Apple Hill. It must be close?

    Looks beautiful!


  2. I think Apple Hill is pretty close, although we did not get there.

    Northern Cal was boootiful.

  3. ahh beautiful -- i want to visit north calif again soon..!

    What about sonoma valley? loved that place when we visited... also cheaper and more friendly than napa valley