Friday, July 10, 2009

West Elm sale

I posted this partly to demonstrate that not everything I possess falls into the 'pre-owned' category. These are two brand spanking new pillows* I bought Wednesday from West Elm during their Dash for Design Sale, which should be called Stalk for Design. The pillows were originally $35. But I walked by West Elm every other day, waiting for that magic moment when they start throwing summer stuff into the street to make room for fall displays. (I finally got too embarrassed to walk into the store every time and started peering in the window instead.) The pillows hovered at $20 for weeks. Then two days ago they dropped to $10.

Of course, I need two more pillows like I need a hole in the head.

*Note the tags, which are clearly visible in the photograph.


  1. $10!? oh my goodness and those would be perfect on my red couch. too bad the closest west elm is an hour and a half away:( good find.
    oh, and have a very happy weekend. thank you for all of your lovely comments this week (they make me smile).

  2. No way! Could you go back and get two for me? I'd be very grateful. :)

  3. It's better to be far away. My place is starting to look like a low-budget West Elm showroom.