Friday, July 3, 2009

Soft spot for indoor/outdoor beanbags

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At first I thought the whole outdoor beanbag/ottoman thing was the dumbest idea ever - taking something shapeless and weird from indoors to outdoors where it will be shapeless and weird and dirty to boot. But now I wish I had such a soft squishy thing to lounge on out on our balcony. This could be because Tom broke his foot and keeps propping his chunk of a cast on our teetery teak table.

Here are a few outdoor ottomans I've been eyeing.

This is West Elm's, which runs about $140 online. At the local store, they are selling the covers for only $50. I've stopped by three times to look at the gray ikat cover. Unfortunately, this ottoman is about as wide as our balcony. If I brought it home, something would have to go in our outdoor space - like me.
Then there's the Alseda stool for only $30. It's for "sheltered" patio use, which translates that it will survive one summer in your living room. If, like me, you can't remember Swedish product names, just type 'banana' in the search bar. (The ottoman is made from banana leaves.)

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