Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY Wednesday: How to make a jewelry tree

I'm not sure if I'm organized enough with this blog to support any kind of regular feature, but we'll give it a try. Welcome to DIY Wednesdays where I will feature a do-it-yourself project of my own or someone else's I admired.

These DIYs will:
  • Not require a whole lot of skill
  • Not require much in the way of materials (extra points for using stuff that is essentially free)
  • Look cool in a modern sort of way. (Sorry, no roosters, lace, or Last Supper done in bottlecaps.)
This DIY qualifies on all three counts. The basic material is a tree branch. (For those of you who did not know that jewelry trees are cool, check out Bed, Bath and Beyond or Urban Outfitters for the retail version.) The basic concept is that you spray paint a tree branch with the optional step of inserting it into a base.

This jewelry tree featured at CasaSugar doesn't require a base. (Also check out the totally cool dresser layout featuring squares of mirrored glass.)

Two Tumbleweeds did a great job on this one, which features a 50 cent wood base from Jo-Ann's. It looks very similar to the store-boughten kind.

And here is a more recent one from Centsational Girl. I like that Kate was not constrained by the tiny dimensions of the retail jewelry trees. (The Urban Outfitters version, for example, was designed for elves. )

Tune in next week when I will show you how to make a Moroccan pouf for zero dollars.


  1. that looks sick

  2. Thank you so much it has been a wonderful guide, now to make a jewelry tree is without a doubt simple and easy with the help of your tips. Kudos