Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soft on lettuce

I bought three mini-packs of lettuce and mustard at the farmer's market and after only two weeks, everything got huge. Now I can't bring myself to cut it because it's so pretty.

I grew up where people shoot their ailing animals, and now I'm so urbanized I can't snip veggies.

Had no problem putting down the dill, though.


  1. that's a whole lotta dill. annnd now im hungry. ha it doesn't take much.

    but yes- german descent. gez-pach-oh. yes? no? am i saying it incorrectly too? jeepers.

  2. I think it's gaz patch oh. But don't ask me. I said crew dets (instead of crew-di-tay) until I was 30.

    German descent? I have a theory about that. See this post.