Friday, June 12, 2009

CB2 Hacker: How to knock off a Platner side table with a trash can and piece of glass

I don't usually post how-tos that I haven't personally tried myself. But, hey, I don't need a side table. However, in the interests of journalistic accuracy, I have gone to the CB2 store and actually touched the goods.

First I present to you the Platner side table. Nice, right? At $600 it should be. My knockoff will not be this nice, but if you can afford the real deal, what are you doing slumming on my blog anyway?

Here I present to you the knock-off, CB2's Spike wastecan for $25. The thing about the Spike is that it makes a terrible waste can. I have an IKEA mesh trash can, and unless your trash is consistently lovely, I can tell you that see-through for garbage is a flawed design concept.

The Spike is, however, almost the same dimensions as the Platner table with a similar shape. It can be topped with a 16-inch glass top, which will run about $35 to $40.

The only drawback is that the Spike has a trash-canny bottom and the Platner does not. You could cut the bottom out or cover it with:
  • a piece of mirrored glass
  • a carpet remnant that matches your carpet
  • a piece of hip fabric
  • something small and interesting like aluminum balls (which CB2 also sells.)
  • trash (it might read as ironic.)

Or you could just buy Target's knock off for $30 before it sells out.


  1. Huh, tempting! I think this would look great with a low sofa. It looks like it would end up about 2.5 - 3 inches shorter than a standard side table though. Might be funky with a regular height sofa. Or not.

  2. Yes, it's 2 3/4" shorter than the real Platner table. Two of them might make a cool coffee table in a small space.

  3. NICE. Love a good and easy DIY to get a great look.

  4. i'm liking the knockoff, that's not terrible is it?

  5. genius. If only, I could get it in a dining table size.