Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lunch Money

"f you need to be told that packing your lunch saves money, you're probably not someone who needs to pack your lunch. "
Kelly Marages,
The Washington Post

Recessionista: Used to buy lunch but now packs to save money for a down payment on Jimmy Choos.

Frugal: Always packed.

Frugerati: Always packed. Uses Chinese takeout containers and SnackShack tubs. Lunch must contain one of the following: Arugula, bruchetta, capers, cilantro, cranberries, couscous, espresso, feta, focaccia, smoked oysters, tabbouleh, dark chocolate.

How about you? Pack or buy?


  1. pack, as much as i can. however, when i really need to get out of the office (for mental health reasons) then i find the lunch money well spent.

  2. I am "Frugerati" an a limited budget (so, technically, "Frugal.")

  3. LOL
    That's me! I cant afford take out food of the quality I enjoy, so I make myself paninis with sundried tomato, capers, arugula, feta and gouda cheese for lunch, dried apricots or cranberries for a snack and some imported chili/chocolate to boot. And I eat it on fine china from a thrift store while wearing Goodwill cashmere.

  4. Hey, I want to sit next to N in the lunchroom.