Thursday, April 23, 2009

A bit more of the baby

I'm sorry. I can't stop. I don't see him very often, and, as you can see, he's quite adorable. Above we've captured his form of locomotion in lue of crawling. (Weird crawling habits run in the family. My oldest cousin Beau crawled using only one arm and dragging the other one along. My youngest cousin Ryan required two or three butt lifts before launching in a forward direction. Brock prefers plank position, which he pirouttes into a bit of a salchow.)

Great-grandma with Gabby and Brock.

Bye-bye baby face.


  1. Today is in the low 80's in beautiful Ohio. Darling boy is stripped to his paper diaper and sitting on the flowered quilt on the dining room floor. If looks are any indication, we are raising a baby Sumo wrestler who drools. Hmmm.

  2. I can very clearly imagine that.