Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Found items

How to fulfill any bower bird instincts without spending a dime. These I qualify as "give aways" rather than trash picks because they were not technically in the trash. I uncovered them in a shared area of our building complex where residents can drop off unwanted items. Most of it is junk. If I go every day and find four things a month I'm doing good.

I found the silver dish and stones on separate occasions.

A black glass dish. Had never seen one before.

This next one requires explanation. Why a wig head? I don't wear wigs. Maybe it reminded me of my grandma Ada, who had a collection of red wigs and wig heads. I let it sit for two days before bringing it home.

Now I have a place to display my mom's totally retro cool sunglasses. The chain drapes over your ears to create sunglasses and earrings. (Yes, I do wear them on occasion. No, the scarf is not hers.)

The great thing about picking up junk for free is that I can enjoy it awhile and then have no problem giving it away later since it cost me nothing - my frail hedge against hoarding.


  1. i love love Love those Sunnies!!, i noticed you have a couple of Jodie Picoult books there, i just started reading Perfect Match by her - interestesting author!!

  2. Haven't read that one yet.

    Of course, I got all the books free, too. Our neighborhood is good about leaving books out on the stoop for the next reader.

  3. I'm a big fan of the black glass dish. Beautiful.