Friday, February 6, 2009

Close Quarters

House Hunters is on again. (Always.) Another young couple seeking 4 million square feet in a price range involving two or three commas.

Big houses are like dark places out in the country - I grew up with them and now both make me nervous. I don't get it anymore. Don't people get lost in a big house? What's out there in the dark? Aren't they worried?

Mr. Bromeliad and I started out as small space dwellers with a 350-square foot studio some 15 years ago. We could stand in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom all at the same time. Two years ago we got our first place with a separate bedroom. We couldn't hear each other anymore. We lost things because there were multiple places to put them down. We followed each other from room to room so there was pretty much always two persons in one room and zero persons in the other.

Our new place is a rambling 470 square feet with a balcony. When the walls stop closing in, we hang out in the bathroom awhile.

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