Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brad Ford's soothing colors from nature

Here's some eye candy from interior designer Brad Ford's web site. Just looking at these makes my blood pressure go down. This is what I'm going for in my little cheapster home design way. (Much in the sort of pathetic, hopeless and unlikely way one might go for Jessica Alba's abs via sit-ups. )

These last few images are wallpaper. Not the computer kind, the wall kind - from the Hampton Cottages and Gardens' 2007 show house. A-mazing.


  1. I really adore the "driftwood" table and the wallpaper. What brilliant work!

  2. Me, too! I'm trying to figure out a way to knock it off (the table, not the wallpaper.) It's just wood, right? Amazing how hard it is to find tree parts in Brooklyn.